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The Best Investment for the Past 7 Years According to Americans Is…

Real estate continues to beat out stocks, savings accounts & gold as the best long term investment among Americans for the past 7 years! 🤯⁣ ⁣ Whether you’re looking for an investment property, a first home, or your next home, the Yancey Realty team is here to help! ⁣ ⁣ Give us a call today […]

Necessary Tips For New Gardeners

If you are looking to cultivate your green thumb and try your hand at your first garden, then below are some beginner tips just for you! Track the sun. Before you choose your plot of land, spend a few days monitoring which areas receive the most sunlight during the course of the day. Most edible […]

Happy 4th of July!

The entire Yancey Realty teams wish you, your friends, and your family a healthy, happy and safe 4th of July!

Quick Tips To Sell Home Items Online

Whether you are looking to make more room in your home or planning to redecorate, selling some of your lightly used home items is a great way to make a few bucks. Below are some tips to sell your items quickly and safely online. Choose the Right Site There are numerous reputable websites to sell […]

COVID-19 Update: North Carolina to Remain in Phase 2, Additional Restrictions

*Joe Thompson from Black Slaughter & Black guest wrote this blog entry* NC Governor Roy Cooper announced today, June 24, that on Friday, June 26 the State will NOT move to a “Phase 3” with regards to coronavirus restrictions. North Carolina will instead remain in Phase 2 for at least an additional 3 weeks as […]

Take 5: Revamp Your Porch

The exterior of your home reflects your individual style just as much as the interior. If you feel the need to give your porch a new look and feel, then check out the ideas below. Plants. Bridge the gap between your front yard and porch area by introducing some natural elements. Install hanging planters on […]

Think You Should For Sale By Owner? Think Again!

Having a Realtor® on your side means assistance with marketing, negotiating, and a seasoned professional guiding you each step of the way! Give us a call at 704.467.8877 to get started!  

Summer Is The New Spring For Real Estate!

If you’ve been thinking of selling, now is the time! Make sure to follow these 10 tips, so you’re home is ready to sell itself! Bonus tip #11: Hire a Yancey Realty agent to list your home! Give us a call at 704-467-8877 to get started!

How to Use Mirrors to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui is the practice of using spatial arrangement and orientation to create synergistic, harmonious surroundings in a room or home. Mirrors of many shapes and sizes are often used to achieve this because they help bring light and movement into space and move energy throughout a room. Here are some tips for placing mirrors […]

Re-Vamp Your Home Workspace

Nothing ruins a workday like not having a designated, comfortable place to work from. And when you are working from home, whether it be temporarily or indefinitely, setting up a great workspace gets even tougher. However, your productivity and body will thank you if you take a few steps to upgrade your desk setup. Here […]