Five Money-Saving Green Upgrades!

Going green is great for the environment, but that’s not the only benefit. When you make green upgrades in your home, it can also lead to some major savings.

  1. Solar panels: The upfront cost is big, but the long-term savings are huge. Solar panels will cost several thousand dollars to install, but ongoing maintenance costs are very low, and a typical system could save you hundreds of dollars per year. You can even sell your surplus electricity.
  2. Wood furnace: Wood-burning furnaces are relatively inexpensive, and though the yearly savings aren’t as dramatic (about 10% on heating bills), it adds up over the long run.
  3. Insulation: There’s a good chance your insulation isn’t very efficient, especially in older homes. Look into installing floor, cavity, wall, and loft insulation to reduce your heating bills.
  4. Rain barrels: Rain barrels are extremely inexpensive, and provide gallons of free water to use when you wash your car or water your garden.
  5. Geothermal system: OK, so the price tag is scary at first. A geothermal system uses the earth’s temperature to heat and cool your home, but can cost $30,000 to install. But tax credits allow you to get a lot of that money back, and the energy savings average about $1,900 per year. If you plan to be in your home for a decade or two, it’s a great investment.

Random Acts of Kindness – Part 1

Ella & I have been showered with multiple acts of kindness in recent days. Example #1.

I picked up fantastic out-of-town clients fairly last minute who had a window to see homes Saturday morning. I scrambled to line up childcare but being so last minute, none of our 7 caregivers could cover it.

I was going to pass the clients to another agent in our firm when the firm owner told me “I’ll watch her”. I laughed but he wasn’t joking. Referring the clients to another agent would have been the EASIEST thing to do for everyone involved.

Leaving out many logistical details, between my friend Nina and her husband, another Realtor Brooke Harrelson and the owner of Yancey Realty, Franklin Yancey, Ella had a blast and was well cared for from 8am-2pm! And I have happy clients who don’t know these details but are excited about their move to Charlotte and know that I kick-ass at this real estate thing!

Understand that my daughter is a smart, silly, sassy delight to spend time with; she also has quadruplegia cerebral palsy, she is tube fed and non verbal (not to mention Short Bowel Syndrome, google it). This makes getting any random sitter impossible and makes this gift all the more special to me.

I’m still feeling blessed and overwhelmed. There was never any doubt I joined the RIGHT firm, the best one in Charlotte in so many ways!

Seriously friends, if you know anyone thinking of selling or buying in the Charlotte area, direct them straight to Yancey Realty. We do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients and get the job done!

Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week. Happy Thanksgiving!!

YOUR Thanksgiving Dinner Table!

We are a little more than a week away from Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the dinner table. My memories of Thanksgiving was a looking forward to eating foods we only ate for that one special day of the year. I loved watching my Mom prepare the homemade potatoes for the most deliciousss mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life. Watching her seemingly perfect timing of cooking each part of the meal so that everything would be hot & ready at the same time… I marvel at my Mom’s ability to cook amazing meals with what I perceived as great ease. 

Me on the other hand, is a quite different story. I somehow missed the “domestic” gene. Maybe sound familiar? I’ve always felt kind of bad for my kids, that my mashed potatoes weren’t as “perfect” as Moms were… that I didn’t prepare every part of the meal from scratch. Know why? Because my gift is different than Mom’s was. I love design. I love fashion design, interior design… home design! So each year I get jazzed to come up with a unique dinner table that gets noticed, using my creativity. And over the years I’ve gotten the kids involved too. For example, I remember asking them how we should display the names by each place setting and every year they came up with a new way. And to the best of my ability, I would do what I could to get them whatever they needed (i.e. leaves w permanent marker, corks with safety pins, blank cards we folded over into homemade place cards with each family member writing their name and decorating their place card and so many more ideas) 

And ya know what I’ve come to realize? It’s A-OK that I don’t cook with the finesse of my Mom!!! My family enjoys a meal together, we celebrate all that we’re thankful for… together and it’s a beautiful time. I AM creating memories that will last long after I’m gone. It’s the togetherness.. the love… the thankfulness that counts the most! 

So what are you planning for this year’s Thanksgiving? Are you an amazing chef like my Mom? Or are you the creative type that plans Thanksgiving day games? Or are you the one who starts the thankfulness statements going around the table? 

Thanksgiving dinner is a time to reflect on how thankful we are on that day and every other day in the year. Focusing on your family, creating special bonded moments will last a lifetime and there’s no one right way to create them. So this Thanksgiving, may you thoroughly enjoy this special day with those you love, with no pressure, just enjoying all that you’re thankful for. What a beautiful holiday!

To your beautiful Thanksgiving!