Roof Maintenance

The roof is one of the most essential features of a home, yet it’s commonly overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance. A roof can sustain some wear and tear, but if a homeowner wants to avoid costly repairs, they should conduct frequent checks. Here are five ways to keep your roof in good condition.

Check for leaks. To prevent a major roof leak, regularly check for water damage in your attic and on your ceilings. Some telltale signs of roof leaks include moldy smells, liquid stains on the ceiling, or interior wall bulges.

Trim those trees. A tree can do a great deal of damage if it falls on a roof, but it’s also important to make sure no branches are scratching your shingles. Over an extended period of time, this can damage the protective top layer, so make sure to trim the trees around your house.

Check your shingles. One of the most important parts of roof maintenance is making sure your shingles aren’t deteriorating. If you see any shingles that are missing, cracked, or curved, it may be time for some repairs.

Clean your gutters. Although it can be one of the most dreaded household chores, cleaning your gutters regularly can help preserve your roof. Gutters filled with debris can prevent water from draining properly and result in liquid seeping under your roof. This can affect the roof’s integrity and cause water stains.

Hire a pro. If you want to go above and beyond in your roof maintenance and make sure you aren’t missing any problem areas, call a professional roofer to complete an inspection.