Saying Goodbye

Selling or buying a home often tugs at emotions. A home is where memories are made, families find comfort.

This is my childhood home. My parents built this house 49 years ago. It’s the only home I knew growing up and have had the comfort to return to on every visit back home.

I met my lifelong friends in this neighborhood, each lived one house away on either side of us. I took my first steps in the family room. I learned to ride a bike in the driveway. I had my first kiss on the front porch. I cried over my first heartbreak in my bedroom. My sister took me to high school my Freshman year with the top off of her jeep just to mess up my hair. I returned home for a few months after college until I could get on my feet. I have spent nearly every Christmas holiday in this home.

Today, my parents close a chapter and start a new one. As I grapple with my own emotions related to this change I am thankful for everything this home has provided over the years and wish them the very best on their move.