Palmetto Stone Magic

Name: Ryan Brice
Title: Owner/Operator
Cell: 803.370.7679


We are a small, locally owned and operated natural stone restoration company . We are headquartered in the Charlotte Metro area and we service all surrounding areas. We work exclusively restoring and refinishing all  natural stone surfaces. From granite to marble to onyx and travertine . If you have a stone issue we are the company to call!



From initial cleaning of newly installed natural stone to deep cleaning of aged stone, Palmetto Stone Magic can help with it all. We use the highest quality cleaners to restore your natural stone to its original beauty.


Have etch marks, rings, or dull spots on your marble, limestone, travertine or granite surface? It’s likely you have a sealing issue. Most porous natural stones like marble should be sealed and resealed often, especially if it’s installed in areas where water and cleaners are used often. Sealing often will help prevent etching from happening!

Stone Restoration

If you have worn or damaged marble or granite, we can restore to new again! We can remove all etching and scratches to restore your natural stone.  After restoration we always seal with the markets best sealers to ensure your surfaces stay looking perfect for years to come!