Mister Sparky

Office: 704.322.2100
525 North Tryon Street Suite 1600
Charlotte , NC 28202

Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. was started in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia and has become one of the leading residential electrical service and repair companies in the Eastern United States, as well as one of the largest in North America. The name “Mister Sparky” comes from the common use of the term “sparky” or “sparks”, meaning electricians, in company founder Patrick Kennedy’s native Ireland.

When you call Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. for your electrical services, you can expect:

  • Skilled Professionals– Our employees are certified electricians who are always taking continuing education courses and attending seminars.  They are craftsmen whose skills have been tested before they wear our uniform.
  • Friendly & Courteous Service– If our electrician smokes or swears in your home or on your property, you don’t pay a penny for the services you need.
  • Cleanliness- If our electrician doesn’t wear shoe covers inside your home or leaves your home without cleaning up, you don’t pay a penny for the service.
  • Drug-Free Environment– Our employees go through extensive background checks and random drug tests before being hired, as well as throughout their tenures, where permitted by law.

At Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc., we differentiate ourselves from other electrical companies with our unique message to the marketplace: Mister Sparky – “America’s On-Time Electrician”.

“We’re On Time, You’ll See, or the Repair is Free!”

We have trademarked “on-time” in the electrical industry, and we champion it in the marketplace. Our company has an impeccable record for delivering on-time service, accurate and upfront pricing, and an overall pleasant experience for customers.

Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. is proud to partner with UWIN®, a consumer service resource that allows home services contractors to provide an extra level of protection and peace of mind to residential home service consumers.

If you need an electrical contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina, call us at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. today! You’ll see the difference!

Mister Sparky is a division of Wise Electric Control Inc., which was started in 1988 by Rusty Wise.