How to Save Money While Landscaping

Revamping your landscaping can be a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of time, effort and money.

So, how can you give the exterior of your home a facelift without breaking the bank, or taking out a second mortgage?

Select perennial plants. Choosing Perennial plants over annuals can help reduce both cost and time. These types of plants continue to bloom year after year with less upkeep, so you won’t have to set aside more money for new plants and spend the time replanting them in the coming years.

Shop at the end of the season. Shop for plants, accessories, mulch, containers, and more towards the end of fall for the best savings. Most garden centers and nurseries are looking to clear out plants and tools before winter, so you may be able to save up to 50%!

Creatively source materials. Often extra materials can be found at construction sites, or other landscapers may be giving them away for discounted prices. Check Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for people selling materials for cheaper than stores. Make sure you look around before paying full price for rocks, wood, gravel and more.

Use a mix of materials. Building surfaces like pathways or patios can often carry a large price tag for both materials and installation. To reduce costs, consider mixing materials, such as gravel with pavers or concrete with cut stone to create a unique surface for less.

Keep up maintenance. Taking care of your yard throughout the year can save you from high-cost repairs in the future. Make sure to weed regularly, reduce standing water, keep patios and pathways clean and ensure paint doesn’t start chipping!