About Feng Shui

More than likely, you’ve heard about feng shui at one time or another throughout your life. But for those who have not adopted its ideas into their daily lives, this ancient Chinese discipline still may mystify you.

According to Forbes and author of The Happy Home Patricia Lohan, practicing feng shui allows you to “align your home for the highest good of you, your life, your business, your relationships, and the home itself.” This discipline takes a look at object placement in the home and how it can affect its energy. The goal is to create a space that becomes “magnetic to joy, love, pleasure, and abundance.” 1

If you’re interested in using feng shui in your home, here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Make sure your foyer is open, bright, inviting, and devoid of clutter and dirt to allow good energy to flow in. Your bed represents you, your desk represents your career, and your stove represents your wealth. When you’re in any of these spaces, make sure you can see the door without being directly in line with it to receive positive energy and the best opportunities. This is called the commanding position.

To create harmony in the bedroom, you want to balance each side of your bed with matching side tables, lamps, and decor. Doors represent your voice and communication and allow new opportunities to enter your life so make sure yours can open to at least 90 degrees and that all doorknobs, locks, and hinges work properly.