The Difference an Hour Makes

In just one hour, 568 houses are sold, and median home values increase by $1.92. With the real estate market as crazy as it is right now, make sure to have a seasoned Yancey Realty agent on your side; that will ensure that when you find the home of your dreams, you’re ready to go!

Value-Boosting Renovations For Your Home

Buying a home is likely one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime. So why not maintain and grow that investment so if or when you decide to sell, you can reap maximum return? Below are a few value-boosting ideas to get you started.

Change your color scheme. Never overlook what a fresh coat of paint can do for a home. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to give it a whole new look and feel before putting it on the market to sell. You can commit to doing the job yourself, or splurge just a little bit more to hire a professional.

Update your landscaping. Curb appeal is incredibly important in capturing potential buyers’ attention, so investing in your landscaping should be at the top of your list. On top of regular fertilizing and weed control, consider planting a variety of plants against the house or along your driveway, mixing heights and colors. Add a focal point by creating a stone walkway or installing fountains or trellis to truly up the curb appeal.

Give your kitchen a facelift. To give your kitchen a more modern feel, you don’t always have to shell out the big bucks. Start by switching out your main light fixtures, and sanding and repainting existing cabinets. Add a unique, eye-catching backsplash, or, if you’re ready to spend a bit more, replace the countertops with granite or marble.

Increase energy efficiency. Updating your home to save energy makes it more appealing to buyers in today’s market. Add extra insulation to your attic, use CFL light bulbs in all light fixtures, install a programmable thermostat, and find and seal cracks and leaks.

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How Your Tax Refund Can Move You Toward Homeownership This Year!

The average tax refund in the state of NC is $2,762 and in the state of SC $2,716. Using your tax refund for a downpayment on a home can bring you closer to making your dreams of homeownership a reality!
The average tax refund covers 43% of a 3% down payment in NC, and covers 48% in SC! That can make a huge difference when purchasing a home!

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