COVID-19 Update: North Carolina to Remain in Phase 2, Additional Restrictions

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NC Governor Roy Cooper announced today, June 24, that on Friday, June 26 the State will NOT move to a “Phase 3” with regards to coronavirus restrictions. North Carolina will instead remain in Phase 2 for at least an additional 3 weeks as a result of failing to meet certain key benchmarks. In addition, new face mask requirements have been added.

Here are some highlights for North Carolina’s homeowner and condominium associations:

  • Phase 2 restrictions will remain in place through at least 5 pm on July 17, 2020.
  • Restrictions on gatherings remain in place. Executive Order #141 issued on May 20 limits indoor gatherings to ten (10) people and outdoor gatherings to twenty-five (25) people. The outdoor “mass gathering” limit of twenty-five (25) people also applies to groups of people that may gather together in a park and on a beach or trail. Such restrictions should be considered with regards to any membership or board in-person meetings.
  • Executive Order #136 provided for the possibility of remote communication (i.e., telephonic, Zoom, GoToMeeting) membership meetings. However, that order expired yesterday, June 23, 2020.
  • Requirements on pools remain in place. See Pools in Phase 2: Requirements for Reopening NC HOA/Condo Pools.
  • Face coverings will be mandatory in numerous settings where individuals will be within six (6) feet of another person, including retail businesses, restaurants, personal care/grooming/tattoo businesses, child care facilities/day camps, state government, certain high-density occupations, processing plants, etc. Citations are only to the business, and not to individual workers, customers or patrons. NOTE: None of the listed required locations include association property or common area, such as pools. However, many cities and counties have adopted more broad face covering requirements, and those must also be followed. In addition, some associations have adopted and enforce face covering requirements on the common elements, such as common entry areas, elevators, etc. Questions about a specific association should be addressed to a community association attorney,

Executive Order #147 will take effect on Friday, June 26 at 5 pm. The entire order can be found at Extension of Phase 2 Order and New Measures to Save Lives in the COVID-19 Pandemic.


If you have questions about new state regulations or using/opening amenities in your community, contact one of the attorneys at any of our four offices.

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